Saturday, February 14, 2015

Mt. Yangbew, La Trinidad

The last stop of the first "Valentines in the Valley" tour package is none other than the breath-taking little Mt. Pulag in the highly-urbanized town. Mt. Yangbew, or "Jambo"/"Jumbo" for others is a place for scout Jamborees during the American period (hence the name 'jambo'). During those times,however, the people in the community pronounced it as "yangbo" which sticked up to this date. 

Recently in a meeting, however,  the Brgy. Tawang officials with many old-timers and community leaders, finally agreed that it should be called "MT. YANGBEW", not Jumbo, not Jambo, not Yangbo, as voted upon majority of its elders and local historians. "Bew/Beo" came from the kankana-ey "Le-beew" or fog (Apparently, although the Ibaloys originally inhabited the valley plains, the mountain areas are mostly occupied by the kankanaeys). The name means "where fog/cloud resides", as opposed to the other suggestion of "Jambo" for Jamboree. 

Here are some pictures of the tour!

A view of the city lights

Goodnight campers!