Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Bucket List

Surely if you have watched the movie having the same title as this article (starred by Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson), you should know what I will be talking about. A “bucket list” is practically a term for a list of “things that one wishes to do before he dies” or before one “kicks the bucket”. “Bucket” because we acknowledge that life is limited and our duty is to fill it with things – the good, the bad. The term originates from existential influence, although this existed in almost everyone’s thoughts from early history.
In this generation where modern lifestyle and, even environment suggest a shorter lifespan, younger people like us must have something in our minds to do, to become, or to have, before we kick the bucket of this very short life
Life for me is like attending a feast. Knowing my stomach’s limits, I will only have a taste of a little bit of everything – a little bit of grilled pork, fish, the cake, the salad, the steamed siomai – before I get full. It is the same with life; I know that I only have a limited time in this world that is why I want to experience a lot of things before I leave…before I kick the bucket and die.

I want to try a lot of things; to be a student, a teacher, an artist, musician, a bartender, politician, engineer, lawyer, be a father…, to write a book, to compose a song, to solve a complex math problem, to invent something, to travel…and the list goes on. I don’t want to grow old with regrets – of ‘should haves’ and ‘could haves’. I want to live.

I have a long list…..

1.       I want to love and be loved and return. (done!...Maybe, I think so..haha)
2.       To write a book.
3.       To have an art gallery.
4.       To have a band. (done!)
5.       To be a teacher. (done!)
6.       To finish 7 courses. (a lot more to go)
7.       To be a father. (happily done!)
8.       To be a ‘good’ father. (in progress)
9.       To travel in 14 countries. (11 more to go!)
10.   To sponsor a scholarship program.
11.   To create an artwork. (done!)
12.   To compose a song. (done!)
13.   To become a politician (done!)
14.   To try becoming a laborer. (done!)
15.   To be a contestant of a TV show.
16.   To join the American ninja warrior! (haha)
17.   To become a Lawyer!
18.   To earn my Ph.D.
19.   To build my own dream house!
20.   To age like Robin Padilla.
21.   To have my own blog. (done!)
22.   To have a ‘cool’ relationship with my son.
23.   To try bungy jumping and sky diving.
24.   To become a head of a public office.
25.   To invent something.
26.   To buy a mini- bus, replace the seats with beds, and travel with some friends.
27.   To make a relevant TV documentary.
28.   To sponsor a very grand reunion!
29.   To become an inspiration.
30.   To become contented if not happy J
      As they say, the last number in the bucket should be “contentment”.  That is what we do when when life throws us a bone. It is also the most important thing. A person who had experienced a lot of things but remains to be not contented is worse than that who experience a few but cherishes it with his own life. Life need not be grand and complicated, but if we are given the chance…should we not try some new things?