Sunday, December 28, 2014

Kalinga Tour

From time to time, tourism officers are invited in tourism package/products launching, especially when it is in-line with DOT's One-Step Tourism project - a convergence program which aims to include and promote less affluent communities or destinations in the tourism value chain. This program provides for more direct interventions which will create jobs and economic opportunities, benefit the poor, and ultimately,  uplift rural communities. A week ago, we were lucky to be included in the launching of the "Naneng Community Life Tour", a promotional tour for  Kalinga's Tour circuit.

We had a nine-hour travel to Tabuk City, Kalinga via Bokod, Benguet, and arrived at the Grand Zion Garden Resort for a sumptuous dinner hosted by Tabuk City's tourism council.The next day , we went to Talama viewdeck to enjoy a view of the  Tabuk valley. Somehow, it reminds me of the old La Trinidad - untouched by the urbanization sprawl.

Chico River flows from Mt. Province to Kalinga
We proceeded to Naneng Village for the promotional life tour. Upon our arrival we were gleefully welcomed by the children of the village in full traditional costume, and their tal-talak (wooden race car), and guided by Kalinga beauties like Ms. Angel (below)  :).
Kalinga Beauty

The Heritage Village of Naneng
Hospitable folks of the village
The villagers also treated us with what they are mostly known for: the Inandila. The people of Naneng serves this special traditional rice cake in various occasions. In fact, they celebrate the Inandila Festival annually in March. This distinct and indigenous rice cake is methodically made as a family affair in a tradition of togetherness (symbolized by the sticky texture of the treat).
Inandila with Coffee is majestic!
We had a picnic lunch. A real 'heavy' lunch with native cuisine. This is included in their P350 tour package.

Dawwang Cold Spring
One can also mingle with the locals and learn from their culture. We passed by their weaving house which showcases the most colorful weaving patterns of the Cordilleras.
After the Naneng Tour, we had a side trip to Tabuk's Golden Berries Hotel and Kalinga Brew Office. Coffee is the One-Town-One Product of Kalinga. (The coffee aroma alone is a winner!)

A side tour to Lammawin Farm house with his "basi" (sugar cane wine) production.
The next day, we went to Tamingan, the jump-off point of the Chico river Whitewater rafting of Kalinga. It is a 2-3 hour wild water adventure which will  pass by the Naneng community among others. We had an unforgettable experience - from a capsized raft, to an emergency rescue.

 For more information about the Whitewater rafting experience, interested people may check their website @: or their facebook page (Chico river Quest).

Those are the faces of excitement and happiness guys. 

Sometimes we need an all-out adrenaline rush from the rapids of waters like the mighty Chico river! The experience ends with yet another heavy lunch picnic at Dalimuno drop-off point. We had a great time!